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Never Play by the Book

And never get caught

You can call me Danny. Little Brother to Cinderella. Full time pain in the ass too probably. You get the particulars.


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Sing a Song, Just for Me.: When The Moon Rises [tag;Danny]


Danny chased her. Danny-whatever he was, actually chased her. It just made the whole situation about fifteen times worse and Belle had to stifle the whimpers that tried to work its way out of her mouth. Running much faster now, she could feel branches snagging at her skirts, her corset, her hair. She just kept going though, every time she felt a rip at her scalp or across her torso and legs, Belle ran through it. She had to escape, somehow. She had to get out and she had to hide.

Glancing back behind her once, fear made her stumble and Belle’s eyes widened as she saw his massive wingspan as well as his body loom over her. She squeaked when she fell flat on her front and spat out the dirt that had become shoved in her mouth. Panting, she scurried onto all fours and dug her nails through the dirt and across a tree as she stumbled again.

No, no, no. She was going to get out of there, alive, he would not harm her, she told herself that over…and over.

He could practically smell her fear in the air as she ran for cover. Hidden in the darkness of the forrest among bramble and green. They made for the town of Camelot. The beast threw back it’s head and screeched, a loud cry that sounded through the air, echoing and travelling off to the schools in the surrounding area and into the distance.

It followed it’s prey into town, the monster overcoming the man as he came upon the shops and pursued, claws opening as it plunged down to snatch away it’s first victim of many…

Sing a Song, Just for Me.: When The Moon Rises [tag;Danny]


Belle couldn’t grasp it, not at first. She didn’t want to believe that whatever was wrong with Danny was the source of a dark spell. She didn’t want to think for one second that something was capable of taking away the humanity of someone she cared for. Belle waited, hand poised over his cheek, blue eyes wide and fearful. She tried to deny it, tiny whimpers and sighs of no were not enough though.

Danny had changed into something she had never thought possible. She had read about it in her books and she knew that since she lived in a world full of the supernatural anything was possible, it was just…she didn’t think these sort of things would happen before her, to her, or to anyone she cared for.

His body shifted and the bones elongated, the face she had kissed so many times became gnarled and furry. Her breath left her in a sharp gasp and her heart stuttered within her chest as she stumbled back, tears welled in her eyes. And for a split second, nothing but her pulse was heard and the heavy breathing of the beast before.

In the next few moments, a yelp escaped and she turned, running for her life away from whatever it was and towards the fields away from the forest so that she had a better chance at being safe.

Somehow he knew she would run - he felt as if all this time he’d been waiting for her to do so, to abandon him as he should have been. There was hardly any light left with him and he didn’t want to use up all of hers…all of Cindy’s…all of Pietro’s, even. Too much kindness, too much forgiveness and too much guilt. He wasn’t sure what to do about this. Perhaps it was something he would just have to live with.

Yet as much as he’d wanted her to run he might have wanted her to stay too. It was hard to let go of candle stick - a flame flickering on a thin wick waiting to be snuffed out…

The yelp triggered a reaction, he flew after her torn between man and beast wondering whether it was hurt or anger that drove him to do so. A little of both, really. The beast snarled. The boy’s spirit shook.

Just keep going.


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